Monday, February 11, 2008

Almost There

Ok, After I had to rebuild the drive again.

I had to reduce the gearing due to space inside the frame, But it's mounted and after some fine tuning I'll have this project beat. I'll post some pics of the final drive soon.


The life of thomas said...

Very Cool Calvin... how many channels do you think you'll be using in the end?


Calvin Thomas said...

It took all day to get that thing moving.
I'm not sure about the channels, But I have more than enough.
Between the Vex remote and the 12 channel Ebay remote, I think I'll have enough.

R2D2 Fett said...

You are a Vex GOD!!!

How did you mount the arm? I'm sure the answer is on here...can you get a close up of the arm mount at the end and the shaft that turns??



Calvin Thomas said...

The mount for the arm: I used a mounting bracket for the front of a Liftmaster Garage Door Opener and cut it in half and drilled a pilot hole in both halves.
There's a pic a couple of pictures back.
The shaft is the square ones in the Vex kit and the gears and all the mounting plates are in the kit.
If you decide to build this, Let me know and I'll list all the pieces. The drive can be used for other things also.

Victor Franco said...

Way to keep at it Calvin. Like you said, you're almost there!


The life of thomas said...

OT - Hi again Calvin...this is just a heads up. I've changed my blog address and here it is:

I added a redirect function on the old blog so it shouldn't require any updating on your part. This new blog gives me a few more functions, is very flexable and makes cataloguing much simpler