Saturday, February 23, 2008

Pie Panel Servo

Here's this weekend project.

I really don't know much about Servos, But I'm good at figuring things out that move.

I only have 1 Pie Panel moving and I need 3 more servos and linkage to get the other panels moving. Once I get all 4 Pies moving, I will have to make a decision on how to control all four.

Not being limited now with channels, But being limited by the Vex micro only having 6 usable servo ports. I may buy the Servo recorder from Servo City. This will allow me to use 1 channel on the Ebay 12 ch. remote. But the recorder will do the same movement of the pies each time I activate the recorder. More/Less, I can set the recorder to open pies 1-4, Then have it open 1 and 2, Then 3 and 4. This will give me a animation that will happen every time.


R2D2 Fett said...


I see you were directing and Brenda was recording!!

Looks awesome man!


Calvin Thomas said...

Thanks !!
Yeah she makes a good camera man :o)
I just need some parts and this part will be finished.

The life of thomas said...

Looking good Calvin... I've be away for a few days on assignment but am back at building, yippy. I go another question. You have a lazy susan like mine. I was thinking about drilling some holes in the frame to mount the rockler, but remembered reading somewhere that someone has a template for marking the holes. Do you know anything about that?


Calvin Thomas said...

No I have'nt heard of that template.
I have a A&A frame and it was predrilled. As long as you center it with the top body ring and use the predrilled hole through the bearing you should be OK.

The life of thomas said...

Thanks Calvin