Thursday, February 15, 2007

MG-34 Blaster Pistol Grip

It came in today and I did alittle clean up to it.
There's still alot of sanding and cleanup to be done.
This is suppose to be molded after a German Machine gun Grip.
It's made of resin and I'll have to find out what sticks to resin to fill the
low spots.
Maybe Saturday, I'll get it mounted to the rest of the gun.


Chris said...


i've made a few e-11's over the years.

i think you'll find this is molded of a sterling machine gun - most likely british, but they were made all over the world including canada up until not so long ago.

Calvin Thomas said...

Yep, It was a Sterling. I could'nt remember that name.

Hankey01 said...

Awesome!! Looks great dude!

I miss my blog updates too. :(