Wednesday, February 14, 2007

MG-34 Blaster Update

I got alittle work done.
I have'nt been feeling too good lately and this is as far as I got.
Once I get the Pistol grip in the mail, It will look alot better.


Hankey01 said...

Starting to take shape!!

Hope you start feeling better!!

We move on March 11th...havent sold our current house yet...SCARY! Wanna come help move?? ;)

Calvin Thomas said...

The pistol grip will make it look alot better and I've got to make the Butt of the gun.

Not getting better yet, But soon I'll have to see the doctor.
The pain is getting to be too much

If I was there, I have a 14' flatbed truck and would help you move.

Really miss those Blog updates.