Monday, February 05, 2007

More Panels

I got a couple of panels added on the back of the dome.
I added the 1 around the red light area and 1 of the Aluminum
colored ones.


Hankey01 said...

There is a red flashing light area?? I didn't know that....

Looks great!

I weoudnt expect an update from my blog in a while....we are selling our house and moving to a smaller town near the city. I have another basement to build. Sooo sad. :(

Calvin Thomas said...

I hope the move is a good thing.
Be sure to stay in touch, I will miss the updates on your blog.
I'll be watching.

Hankey01 said...

Thanks man. It's a good thing foir all of us..just sets me back a year with my projects. :(

Well..maybe I'll sneak in some R2 time while I'm working on the basement.

So explain this red flashing light area??

Calvin Thomas said...

In this pic I posted it shows the picture frame around the opening.
Most buiders leave this area Aluminum.
But Pixelfriend found a clip from the movie and it showed this area lighting up in red.
I studied the movie and found the same thing.
It's in the part with the Ewoks and Solo trying to open the blast doors in the forest. Then R2 gets blasted and the red area lights up.
Theres somewhere else in the movie it show it light up also.
I'm looking for some Plexiglass 2 way mirror to use, So when it's not lite, It will be shinny like my dome.

Hankey01 said...

Hmm....I will watch for that!

I wonder if you coud see this area in the pics of the ROTL dome that was recently selling on ebay (with Kenny's handle on the inside of the front holo-emitter.

Hankey01 said...

(I mean ROTJ)