Sunday, February 18, 2007

MG-34 Blaster Update 2

Got alittle more work done.
The detail work is taking alot of time to get right and I still have alot to do.
But here it is in the rough.
I bought some small brass knobs and some tubing for the top of the gun.
But it will be awhile before this stuff goes on the gun.


dayaoyao said...

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Dean "Jarvin Deneb" Woodard said...

Calvin, I have the MR rebel trooper blaster which has the same grip as this, and likely other parts as well. If you need dimensions or detail shots of it, I'd be happy to help. If I knew how to make resin copies, I'd probably do so to create a stormtrooper blaster. (Lots of shared parts between them.)

Calvin Thomas said...

I'd love to have some pics of what you have.