Saturday, May 03, 2008

Charge Port

I installed the Charge Port today and I'm waiting for the bond to dry. Once I can work with it, I will install the micro switch on the rear so when you open the door the lights will flash. Now the Leds in this setup are set for 12v., So when I'm charging my 24v. main batteries it will not interfere with anything. You can see to the left near the hinges I need to do some work and I also want to find some fiber cloth to hide the hinge openings, So when the doors open you can't see inside the droid. The small door that is taped shut is where I will mount my switches to protect my electronics while charging. I have it taped down right now because the magnets on the inside are drying.


R2D2 Fett said...

Thats awesome!! Man what drugs are they giving you?? You are getting more done than ever!!!!!!

Great work man!!

I got my new batteries last night...put them in. All seems to be working..but I couldnt give it a good trial run cuz while I was working on it the middle foot cylinders fell they were drying. Today I am Mr Mom so I cant give him a long trial run until tonight.


Calvin Thomas said...

They did give me some for pain, But I can't take them. Too strong.
I'll post a vid later of the Leds working as the door opens.

Fell off?
Get you some of the Amazing Goop.
It's the best stuff I've ever used, It will bond anything.
Mr.Mom, Boy I got you now :o)
I'll remember that name hehehehe
I went yesterday to the store with Brenda, I thought I was doing good and I got weak and almost did'nt make it out of the store.
Surgery Sucks!!!
I can't stand being stuck at this house.