Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Rear Skins Painted

I got the rear skin painted today and you can see I painted the inside like I did the front skin.
Now I know the inside doesn't look all that great, But I just wanted to cover all that bare aluminum. The camera makes the skins look shinny, But it's a Satin finish.


Anonymous said...

Wow!!! You have been quite busy!!! How are you feeling? Hope youre recovering well.At least you were able to use some free time to get some of R2 on his way! Mr. Lowrider himself!!!! HEHE

Calvin Thomas said...

I'm doing good and my strength is coming back.
Yeah, I'm going to use this free time to get as much as I can get done. Check everyday for updates.
Wait till you see my secrets to go with the Lowrider jingle.