Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Dome Motor

Here's the type of motor I plan to use for my dome drive.
You can get them here: Super Droids
Now these may not be as fast as the other motors, But I just got mine in the mail and they are quite and strong. The only thing I did notice is a small amount of slop in the gear when it starts up, But I'm hitting it with full 12v. so it just takes off.
I did'nt want the motor hanging down in the chest area of R2 and my A&A frame
has a perfect spot to mount the motor.
Just need to make a mounting bracket and I'm good to go.
This maybe the motor I use for the Periscope lifter.
I don't know if I will need this speed or a slower one.


Chris said...

If my math is correct it doesn’t have much torque and most likely will not spin a fully loaded dome very well.

Torque specs on the page you link to states 2.1 kg-cm, which is roughly 29oz-in. The surplus GM9236 Pittman's a lot of are using puts out 175 oz-in of torque. I found the smaller Pittman GM9413 lacking on a dome full of aluminum parts, and it could deliver 109 oz-in.

I'd also be tempted to open up the gearbox to see what's inside. I'm not sure what the gears on the surplus GM9236 Pittman's are made from, but a bunch of us have had them fail.

Good luck


Calvin Thomas said...

I opened the angle box and there's only 2 metal beveled gears.
Unless I break the motor, I'm not willing yet to open the actual gearbox.
Answering your question of a fully loaded dome I can't answer at this time.
But the only thing my dome is missing is the Periscope and the Scanner
and maybe some other small servos. What else would you put in the dome
to create so much weight.
I powered up the motor and it spun the dome quickly and not much of an effort
for the motor at all. The motor seems to be geared pretty good.
Maybe it's will last maybe not, But I needed another answer for the Pittman setup.
As room in a A&A frame is valuable.
Anyway we'll see, It maybe an answer for others that are not doing anything with
the dome except for just having a dome.

R2D2 Fett said...

Man..whoever said this stuff was wasy!

Looks cool...hope it works for you!!!