Thursday, May 01, 2008

Inner Door Skins

I started installing the A&A inner door skins today. I used Amazing Goop to glue the design to my Aluminum door. Once I get everything finished on the front skins, I plan to paint them one more time. This will be a paint job for the outside and inside.

I'm jumping around allot on my current build because I'm still sore. But allot of small things will get done.


The life of thomas said...

Nice work Calin and nice that you're up and about again :))

I got a set A&A skins from Oscar (R2DC) and was wondering what those were. Now I know, inner door panels lol. There are so many parts to this set that I'm still trying to figure out half of them. For example, what are all those round disks for? There must be about 15-20 of them.

Best regards,

Calvin Thomas said...

I did'nt get any round disk in the package. Maybe they're leftovers?
I'd hang onto them to make sure.
I'm going to use some of my designs for different places, Since my rear door won't have the small panels on it open.

Hey I meant to tell you, There's going to be a recall on the Vex signal splitter. I've been complaining on Vex Labs about the Spiltter having a signal problem and they told me they would send out replacements. Just not sure when.

R2D2 Fett said...

Wow...looks cool!

Man you sure are jumping are giving me whiplash over here!!!

Great work man. Take 'er easy!


Calvin Thomas said...

Thanks Dude!!
I'm doing the little stuff, Still can't lift any weight.
But it's killing me sitting in the house for a week :o(