Thursday, May 29, 2008

Dome Motor Working

In this video you can see the small motor turning the dome without
any problems.
Now I only have the motor taped into place and you can see me walking
around R2 to help hold the motor in place. I ran the mess out of the
little motor, spun it around - jerked it back and fourth to see if
I could damage the motor somehow. But it took the stress and didn't even
start to get hot. You can hear a small whine as the motor reaches full speed.
Now I don't know if the Pittman motor makes any noise at all, So I can't
compare the 2 motors. Also you will hear it slipping on the dome bearing,
But mounted correctly that will not be a problem.
In all, I think the motor will be a good choice as a dome motor.
It may not work in all cases as the domes can get pretty heavy,
But all I'm missing in my dome is the Periscope and some other
small items and it works fine.


John Barrett said...

Looks like it makes plenty of room. My Pitman goes about that fast, and I dont have a speed controller yet. Sounds like the price is fair too. I figured I would comment because I was so happy to not see you with your shirt off again OLD MAN!!!! HAHA

I tried getting one of those Engraved wheels when I bought my drive, but he didnt have anymore!! I was thinking of engraving something on it soon, but not sure what I want to put there yet. Even if I screwed up the design, it wouldnt really damage it. I used to do it to wood, so it couldnt be much different.

R2D2 Fett said...

Haha thats what I was going to say (about the shirt)


Looks like that will work great!

SO you need another speed controller for that eh?

AT least its not as whiny as the vex motor!


Calvin Thomas said...

Ok, I knew you guys would catch the shirt this time. HAHA.
I tell you I really like this motor and yes it needs a controller.
The neat thing about it is:
If you've ever paid real close attention to R2 when he moves his head. He makes a little clicking sound as he starts to turn his head. And so does this motor. I know it's the slight slop I told you that was in the motor, But I like it.