Saturday, May 03, 2008

General Video Update

Just showing where I stand at so far. Yeah it's my junk room with all the droid goodies.


Anonymous said...

Sweet!!! I love the charge port. I feel like a total tool. After I posted my last blog, I came over here to look at yours and here you have 2 videos. I just posted a simple PSI video, and I swear to you I wasnt copying!!! Something else to bust my chops about!!! LOL

Calvin Thomas said...

That's what I'm here for and Thanks for the comments.
Anything I can do to help,
Just Yell :o)

Victor Franco said...

Looking good, Calvin! Glad to see you are able to resume work on R2.


R2D2 Fett said...

Seriously...what kind of pills are you taking??? Some kinda speed I would say!

Looks GREAT man. How do you know for sure the lights go off when the door is closed?????


Great work man!!!!!!!


Calvin Thomas said...

Thanks Victor!!
I'm not 100% yet, But I got 1 more week and it's back to work. Still alittle weak.

When I close the door I can see the backside and they cut off.
I had 3 of those micro switches, But the other 2 work in reverse of this one. If you mash the button on this one it disconnects the power and the other 2 do it the other way.
More to come soon.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Jason, I'm wondering that myself!!!! Calvin sure did get alot done lately. HAHA You cant sit still can you buddy?


Calvin Thomas said...

Believe me it's KILLING ME!!!!!
I hate sitting idle and doing nothing. So in the next few days, I'll blog the CRAP out of this thing :o)
Tomorrow the back skin
Monday the other leg
Tuesday finish the leg
Wendsday back door
Thursday bottom skirt
Friday ?
Saturday ?
Oh Crap, I don't know what I'll do
Maybe I'll build another one
Somebody Help Me :op

The life of thomas said...

Hahaha!!! Way to go Calvin ;)