Sunday, May 11, 2008

General Update Video

This video is just to show how my R2 is slowly coming together. I still have along way to go. But if I can get the skirt, feet and a few details finished then I can finally start wiring. And yes this is my Junk room. I know it looks terrible, But working on R2 you can make a mess easily.


Anonymous said...

Awesome!!!!!!!!! Quick question.....Does your CPU Arm rotate too? I thought I seen someone that had their arm rotate when extended.

Calvin Thomas said...

Not yet,
I got to figure out that one.
Maybe run a Dremel type extention line through the arm to make it spin.
Glad you asked me that!!
I just figured out how to make it spin :o)!!!

R2D2 Fett said...


Looks great man! Very very cool!!

Your leg mount looks great! How did you cut it??

You watch the Don Bies video?


Chris said...

Dude! Put on some cloths next time LOL.

Calvin Thomas said...

Sorry guys :o0
I did'nt realize the dome was showing my belly. HAHAHAHA
I'm not that fat though, I'm just chunky hehe.

I cut the plates with my Jigsaw.
It's not perfect but it's allot stronger than the PVC.
Yeah, I watched that video 3 times so far and it really helps.
Thanks for sending it to me :o)

Brenda's blog said...

HAHAHAHA!!!!! Now thats funny!!!!! your killing everybody LOL!!
LOVE YA......