Saturday, May 05, 2007

And More

This was an AWESOME day at the Comic book Store.

The 501st Storm Troopers, KingPin, Moon Knight, Joker, Darth Vader, Jawa

Resident Evil, Spiderman and my R2 Dome where all there. I got my R2 door signed by

Hal Wamsley ( He was the Jawa that shot R2 ). Everyone was enjoying the event and

it was funny to have so many different people at the meet.


Hankey01 said...

I just emailed you..then thought to check here for pics..


Very cool! Did you have to pay to meet Jawa guy?? You have pics of him? Was he a kid when he was a jawa?

Uh....that spidey appears to have been lifted in a "sensitive" area? YIKES!

Calvin Thomas said...

It was alot of fun and it was no charge to meet the Jawa man, But I did'nt get any personal pics of him.
Yeah he was 15 when he did the Jawa part and he was the one that shot R2.
That guy that played as KingPin was huge!!!
When he put Spidey down he was in alittle pain. HAHAHAHAHA
The Baseball cup got alittle press inward. HAHAHAHA
Hey, I need you to email me your address. I got you something and need to mail it.

Hankey01 said...

I emailed it to you (used Gmail)...I don't know if you are getting my emails? I sent you a few emails wondering about the Comic thing you went to.

Man..long day yesterday with funeral and family etc.

Poor Spidey!

Calvin Thomas said...

I got it and your addy.
I'll send the package this weekend.
Now you set and wonder whats coming

Hankey01 said...

I just hope it isn't spiderman's dented cup! ;)

Whatever it is thanks bro!!!!!