Friday, May 11, 2007

More R2 Work

The top pic showes the 4 outer holes I drilled into the shoulder. This will provide more strength to this area, Since I have wood legs.
The bolts will go through 2 layers of the legs and bolt the shoulder to the legs, I need to get a mounting kit for my Mill so I can countersink the actual nuts down inside the shoulder. I tried to hold the piece by hand and there was no way I could hold it.
I also worked on the mounting area for my electronics. The pic does not show the Plexiglas to good, But on each side of the marked area is shiny black plexi. And the area that is marked is also the Plexi, But I won't remove the paper until I'm done fitting the electronics. All wiring will be fitted through the Plexi with grommets and attached to the back.

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