Tuesday, May 01, 2007

More E-11 Pics

I started working on the Scope and the Mounting Rod. I compared the pics at:


And this is kinda close, But I need the cone shaped Eye piece.

I also bought some rough texture paint for the blaster when I get it ready and

I'm going to try to dry brush some areas where it will look weathered and banged around.

So it's still in the rough stage, But I think it might turn out OK.


Hankey01 said...

I don't think i'd bother with the textured paint...might be too much? It will look like magic before your eyes when you dry brush..it will go from a kinda fake looking thing to a realistic prop right before your eyes!


Calvin Thomas said...

Should I paint it with some flat black paint? That's just primer on there now.
I noticed from the pics on the other site, The scope has a brass look showing through and I think the gun shows some silver showing.
What do you think?

Hankey01 said...

If I were you I would start with flat black for everything. If you want some areas brass or silver it can all be acheieved after with dry brushing. I used a bit of a rusty brass on my fett blaster after I drybrushed the silver to make it look more aged.

Just remember when drybrushing the results should be gradual and the brush should be dry (i know that seems obvious).