Thursday, May 24, 2007

Dome Controller

The SyRen 10 motor controller came in today and I tested it out on the motor for the dome and it works great!!!

I almost wired the thing wrong from the Vex to the SyRen. The wires from the Vex only uses 2 of the 3 wires going to the SyRen.

The black which is the ground and the white which is the signal. I didn't know it does NOT use the red wire coming from the Vex, But everything is OK. I set the pins and in about 2 minutes I had the motor under control by the Vex Micro. I'll get it mounted into the panel and get the motor in place and give it a try at turning the dome. I will have to recode the Vex software to match the new motor drive.


Anonymous said...

Even though I'm confused, it sounds very cool!!! LOL Looks like I'm in for it when I start my wiring and whatnot!!! HAHAHA

Hankey01 said...

Haha...chalk me up to confused also. Why do you have to recode for the motors? I wonder if I won't have to use a 'red' wire for my setup...and I assume it will do damage if I do??

Looks cool man! Your R2 will be out jogging while mine still sits in pieces. :(

Calvin Thomas said...

I'll have to reset the speed in the code because that new motor is alot faster than the Servo motor.
I plugged the motor to a 12v. battery and it was super quiet.
Just what I wanted.

Hankey01 said...

Nice...I may have to replace that dome drive motor too one day..once the noise gets to me. ;)

Nothing in the mail yet...mail is slow!

Calvin Thomas said...

Man, Thata package should be there by now. Crappy Mail!!!
Let me know when it shows.

Hankey01 said...

I sure will!! Can't wait to see what it is!!