Monday, May 28, 2007

Legs Attached

Ok, I ran into a couple of problems with the legs.
The bottom pic shows how I shimmed the A&A leg mounts.
1st - I drilled and tapped the holes in the Sat. motors to use 1/4 rod. The rod also has a nut to tighten the shaft down to the Sat. holes, So no slipping in this area. This was followed by a washer to fill the area between the nut and the A&A - Jag style stops. No play in this area.
I also added white nylon bushings into the holes, So there was no play in this area.
In the next pic, You can see the rods and the legs bolted to the frame.
Now this was my 1st problem area. The nuts barely have enough room to fit down into the leg and I didn't expect this when I was building the legs, But they do the job.
The 2nd problem was in the hubs.
The 3rd pic shows the back of the hub and there is allot of excess Aluminum in the inside of the hub. This area hits the nuts inside the legs and won't allow the hub to slide all the way into the leg. So what I will have to do is mill the area down to a smaller size and then the hub will slide all the way into the leg. I'll post pics after I mill the hubs.
The top pic shows the legs bolted on R2 and I sat the front skin on for looks.
Anyway, If your building your own legs. I suggest you find away around this problem.
It's not a bad solution to building legs, But it causes extra work and may be too much for some people to deal with. Also if your buying the Jag style legs, You may run into a similar problem with bolting the legs to the Sat. motors.


Hankey01 said...

Looks cool with legs! Getting there!

Sounds like a challenge getting them on! Allt he frustration makes it more rewarding right?

Now that my fence is done I'm going to squeeze in some hobby time here and there. I worked on my 3po head a bit last night. Gonna clean up and paint mt R2 feet soon..then I can mount them.

Calvin Thomas said...

It's not too bad, But I hoped for something better.
It's that Sat. Motor has such a small and shallow bolt pattern that it caused some problems.
Now I see why Jags legs have an outer bolt position.