Saturday, May 12, 2007

Electronics Panel

The top pic shows the rear of the removable panel. I added 1 Aluminum angle to each side and these will have slip holes in them so I can remove the panel fairly easy from the A&A frame. The next pic shows the Vex and the terminals that will supply power for my needs.
The terminal on the left will supply 24v.
The terminal on the right will supply 12v.
The terminal on the bottom the Ground. There will be 2 more small terminals that will be regulated. 1 for the Vex and 1 for the Servos.
The last pic shows the panel back in the frame and the little yellow box is my remote receiver.


Hankey01 said...

Looks cool man. Looks like you are making various power strips? How does that work? You using one power source??

I did some work on the fence on the weekend. Spent 1/2 that time shovelling mud and water out of the post holes....

Then it rained again. :(

Calvin Thomas said...

The idea was to have a 24v strip on the left and it will get it's power from the 2-12v batts. 1 in each battery box.
The 12v strip on the right will get its power from a 12v batt. in the body frame.
I want to have plenty of power, So I don't get the dead battery blues.
Man that sucks about the rain!!!

Hankey01 said...

That will be handy for power!!!

I'll have a few sets of batteries to fight with (a couple for lights in dome, a BUNCH for interactive R2...sound systrem, Vex battery, and my (4) 12v scooter batteries.

So this board will attach vertically inside your body at the back panel?

Calvin Thomas said...

The bottom pic actually shows it mounted inside the frame and the 2 panels on each side are of the same material. Just makes the center panel blend in, Once I get the paper off the center.

Hankey01 said...

Ah..very neat

Chris said...

i read somewhere that having long wire between the batteries and the speed controller isn't such a good idea, and best to have the length between the speed controller and motor. i wish i could find it right now but i cant :(

Calvin Thomas said...

I did'nt know that.
I may have to move the controllers then. See if you can verify that for me. I'm going to order the Syren10 tommorrow for the dome motor, I'll ask if they know.