Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Wiring Diagram

I got this idea from one of the other builders and I'm sorry I forgot which builder it was,
But it was a great idea.
I'm not anywhere near this part of the build, But i thought I would work it as I go along.
The color chart shows the definition of what each color and letters stand for on the second chart.
And JASON, You put the bug in my ear about different motor controllers and look what happened. I won't be using the Victors instead I will be using the Syren controllers.
And I THANK YOU very much to get me curious about what else was available.
These are still overkill, But at least I know they won't burn up on me.


Chris said...

I just got done installing a pair of Syren10's in my droid. One for the dome rotation and the other for the periscope lift mech. No problems yet and they work great with Vex :)

Hankey01 said...

Is that only good for up to 18 volts?

Looks like ours will cost about the same if you need to get 2 of them? Mine are good for 24v so we'll see.

I saw video of the one guy using scooter motors and the Scorpion and it looked very punchy.

"This is where the fun begins!"