Saturday, March 29, 2008

New Lifter System

After my Failed attempt to build a Vex type lift, I started building again.
The Vex system gained way too much weight, So I dropped the idea.
The new system I'm working on now is taking much longer to build and I'm watching the weight this time. The pics show the base under the X plate. This will be for mounting the drive to something attached to the dome ring and will also have a drive motor attached to the open area.
The X is where the Periscope will be bolted and you can see I reduced as much weight as I could and that's why it looks like an X. If I can find a threaded type rod I like, I will have 2 threaded rods across from each other as to even the force needed to lift the Periscope.
The 2 steel rods are there for support and keeping the drive smooth. You can see from the other pics, I'm really cutting this one close. As the Periscope will have just enough room not to hit the rods. The last pic shows a belt drive pulley I took from a Garge Door Opener. Althought it's to big for what I need, It gives the idea of where I'm going with this drive.


R2D2 Fett said...

MAN>>>How the heck did you whip that up so fast??? The you live in a droid factory or what?

Hope this works man!!


Calvin Thomas said...

I've only changed the drive system so far on this one. It will still be belt driven.
I hope this works,It's only driving me CRAZY for now.