Saturday, March 01, 2008

Power Port

This is the start of my Power Port that goes behind the small hinged door.
The plug I'm using is the same kind found on Currie Scooters. I allready had the 24v. chargers, So I decided to put them to work.
I will attach this aluminum bay to the back of the skins and add a plug to disconnect it if I need to remove the skins.


R2D2 Fett said...

Amazing work!!! I really don't know how yo do it!!


Jerry Chevalier said...

Beautiful. Nicely done. Do you have plans for this mount and facing that I could use for my droids? please??

Jerry C

Calvin Thomas said...

Sorry Jerry,
I did this freehand and now that it's mounted I could'nt get the measurements for you.
Chris James did the same type setup, He may have the measurements for you. The only difference in mine and C.J.'s is the amount of Leds and I used a regular 24v. Scooter charge plug.