Sunday, March 02, 2008

Power Port Leds

Today, I started drilling the holes for the Leds to fit. I made the matix 4x5 (20 leds), They will all be red and will flash in this seq:

Center line - 2 lines out - 2 lines on the outter edge horizontal. The large hole is for the power plug and there will posibly be a green and red led in the top right corner.

The leds fit the holes perfect and the thinkness of the aluminum is correct for the leds to stick out very little. This gives me a flush design.

The electronics to do the flashing, I'm not sure what I'll use. Maybe a Carl's board can handle this seq. Now to sand, prime and install this project.


Chris said...

Looks vaguely

You do know I made it up, and I'm not really sure how many LEDs were in the original.


Calvin Thomas said...

Yeah, You beat me to this one :o)
I had planned to do this in the past and you took it further than I expected with the relay setup.
I won't be able to do the relays, because I need 24v.
I'm usually chasing Wayne Orr, He's allways coming up with something new.
Keep up the good work, I'll get ya next time:O)

R2D2 Fett said...

You are sick!!! are going with ALL the little details!!



Calvin Thomas said...

I still have several tricks up my sleeve that I'm pretty sure no one has done yet.