Monday, August 04, 2008

Dome Motor Mount 2

Here's a few pics of the mount painted and mounted to the A&A frame.
I tried the motor out again to make sure everything was what I expected
and it works GREAT!!!
I also tried again to destroy the motor by jerking it back/forth and it
keeps right on going. Long term use, We will have to wait and see.
I did run into 1 problem, There's 2 screws with lock nuts that hold the
motor frame and the mounting frame together and I super glued the screws in place.
The screws allow the 2 mounts to slide when adjustment is needed. Well the glue
didn't hold, So I'll have to fix this problem. Other than that, It works and
I'm happy with my creation. This keeps the large motor setup out of the belly
of R2. Some have said the motor is too small and too weak, I tend to disagree.
The motor has a small gear box (The ratio of the gear box, I forgot) and this allows
the motor to have allot more torque. I also assume the size of the Drive Wheel
helps out.

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