Friday, August 01, 2008

R2's Brain Installation

As you can see the Vex Micro has lost it's place
and I'm working on getting the Mini Itx Motherboard installed.
I placed the board so all the connectors will have easy access.
There will be a few other items to go on the Plexi board, But not much.
I'm really not sure how each item will fit on the board, So as I buy each
piece I'll arrange them above the Itx or maybe to the side area.
This setup cuts down on having so many different electronics in R2
and saves allot of room. As far as parts I still need will include:
Laptop Hard Drive - 2 Gig Memory - Power Supply and a few more Phidgets.
Once I get the other parts I plan to get R2 finished before the next MegaCon
and have him moving at the show.

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