Monday, August 25, 2008

Just Thinking

I plan to weather my R2 and I noticed when I sanded the rear door
in the cracks around the panels it got a off white look and the
actual part that the sand paper did hit, It got a brighter white.
So what I'm thinking is to sand the entire body to match the rear door
then do the weathering.
After the weathering is done it should add a nice effect around the panels
and really look more authentic.
I don't plan to go extreme with the weathering, Just enough to give
it some character and the panels will be more noticeable in the sunlight.
R2 in the Empire Strikes Back is the model I'm using and the weathering
was mild in most of the movie.


The life of thomas said...

hi calvin I have a question about the speed controller you're using. Is this similar to yours?


Calvin Thomas said...

Yes that's the one I plan to use for my foot motors.
And I have the Syren 10 for the dome. Both are compatable with Vex.
Hopefully soon the plastic you and I both need will come in soon.

The life of thomas said...

sounds great Calvin, thanks!


Anonymous said...

Hey man! At least you picked the best Episode to compare to!!! LOL

Looking forward to seeing the rest of him dirtied up!! Still quiet here on the homefront with building, but lack of overtime for purchasing parts. You've gotten alot done lately, and good too see youre getting closer to the finish line.


R2D2 Fett said...

Good luck weathering!! Are you going to sue the don bies video as a guide?

Still mad about the autographs!


Calvin Thomas said...

Yeah, I'm trying to get him finished for MegaCon.
Still alot to do though.

The video is my main tool.
I sure hope it turns out right,
Or my wife is going to be hard to live with. She hates the idea of weathering.