Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Periscope Lift

I started working on the lift, I got the idea from Wayne Orr and Chris James.
Just to make sure credit for the idea goes to the right people.
I have changed a few things in my setup and though it's not finished,
I thought I'd show some pics.
The 1st pic shows the cabinet drawer slide and you'll get 2 when you purchase them.
The next pic shows how the slides come apart and you'll need to do this and you will also need to shorten the slides.
Next the little bumper on the end will need to be removed and the tab that holds the bumper bent down. This will allow you to seperate all 3 pieces.
Next, I took the inner ball bearing out of the 2nd slide and added it to the 1st slide. This gives me bearing for the inner piece to glide on the complete travel distance.
Next, You'll need to cut down the inner slide to gain travel. The long piece shows how much I cut it down.
Next, I put the inner slide in and you can see the main travel I will have in the main slide. The other pic shows the lifter together.
I built a small mounting plate for the Periscope to mount to and I also added sides to restrict slop (which there's not much) and this gave me a place to mount my rear rollers.
The rear rollers control drag created by the weight of the Periscope.
Once I order the small motor (the same one I used for the dome motor),
I will complete this setup and fine tune everything.

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