Saturday, August 16, 2008

Periscope Movement

I used a geared motor out of my Wowee Gorila head.
I really did'nt care much about this head and I bought it cheap.
I allways buy stuff like this for parts and it paid off.
The gear motor I added a drive wheel and a line spool for the
nylon string to curl on.
All I have left to do is finish mounting the motor and fine tuning
the lift. I will also find areas to trim down weight from the lift.
This will be controlled by my Vex micro inside the dome, Which gets
the signal from the 12 Ch. Ebay remote to activate the lift.
I will add limit switches at the top/bottom for stops.
So far, It has turned out pretty good and I will be glad to
move on to the next project.


John Barrett said...

Great job man!!! Very innovative idea with using the motor from something else!!!

Sorry I havent been around much. I have to get a new computer. This one is acting all crazy. Its old anyway...12 yrs. I just want a new one, and I should get that by next week. I'll update my blog and be around more often once I'm up and running with it. I cant spend more than 30 minutes on this thing anymore without it going nuts, and I had people look at it for me.

Talk to you soon!!!


The life of thomas said...

Very cool Calvin...if i get my artoo finised ahead of time i'll try your periscope idea.


R2D2 Fett said...

Looks cool! Great job!

Can't wait to see it in your R2!


Calvin Thomas said...

Thanks Guys!!!!
I'm really working hard on R2,
Trying to get everything working.
The Periscope lifter is Wayne Orrs original design and I'm very happy with the way it's turned out.