Saturday, August 02, 2008

Dome Motor Mount

The motor mount is starting to take shape. The idea is to keep the motor up out of the way, Instead of hanging down in the body.
The bottom pic shows the bracket that will be mounted to the A&A frame.
The next pic shows the motor mounted to it's frame which will slide back/fourth
for tension adjustment.
The next 2 pics show how the parts come together. The bolt on the left (which is a screw for now) will provide the tension to the motor slide and will push the drive wheel against the dome bearing.
Once I get it mounted to the frame, I will take more pics to show how it works.
Also, My little motor has not gave me the 1st bit of problem rotating the dome.
I'm very happy with this " Little Engine That Could ".


John Barrett said...

Great idea dude!!! Any problems with noise? Hope this makes some more room for you.


Calvin Thomas said...

No I have'nt had any noise problems with this setup.
Actually, When you turn the dome it sometimes makes a click sound and I noticed in the movies when R2 turns his dome it makes a click.
I should have it mounted soon.

R2D2 Fett said...

Should be nice to have some quiet dome rotation! Very nice mount!