Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Voltage Regulator

My regulator arrived today.
This will convert 12v. to 24v. for Leon's rear logic display.
The regulator is adjustable so I will need a better Multimeter
to get the voltage correct.
Since I always give credit where it's do, This is one of Chris James
The regulator can be purchased on Ebay and it ships from China.


The life of thomas said...

hi Calvin, very clever... does this the amps as well? And whats the max amp you can use?

The life of thomas said...

oops sorry...I ment, does this affect the amps as well?

R2D2 Fett said...

Wow...sounds like magic to me!!

Calvin Thomas said...

I assume the amps will increase as the voltage does, But it says it can handle 3 amps max.
It's good for small stuff.

The life of thomas said...

great....do you remember the item nr. on ebay


Calvin Thomas said...

Here's the item number:
If you have a problem, Let me know.