Sunday, December 14, 2008

More Wiring

I did some more wiring today and installed 2 main power switches.
The switches are setup as: 1 for 12v. and 1 for 24v.
We put the 2 switches inside one of the large doors for easy access.
The only thing left is to run the wires inside the legs and I'm hunting a
good master connector for the charge plug, speakers and the flashing red lights
in the front skin. The master connector will allow me to remove the front skin
and unplug 1 master instead of a lot of small connectors.
Everything is run through the fuse box and I'll experiment with different size fuses
to see what will be the correct size for each item.


R2D2 Fett said...

Nice location for them!!!

Fordfun said...

Calvin, I apologize for bugging you again, but I was wondering what diameter wheel you are using with the dome drive motor that I asked you about earlier. Wanted to make sure my final RPM was similar to yours.
Thanks, Gary

Calvin Thomas said...

I got the wheel from Atomic Pickle.
I'll measure it and get back to you, Here at this post.
Do you have a blog?
How far is your build?

Calvin Thomas said...

Thanks Jason,
I'm trying to finish this monster

fordfun said...

I don't have a blog. I get in the middle of working on this thing and I dont want to stop for dinner, let alone document my progress. I am however, grateful for the great blogs out there (yours included) that are a big help when trying to figure things out. I have the body complete (except for the skirt). I am now finishing the legs which have been the most tedious thing for me to this point. My feet are nearly complete, with scooter motors installed ("60.00 budget steel feet" on Astromech) and I am just trying to stay motivated to get this baby done. I finished my C+J dome at the end of 2006 and took a long break. I promised my 10 yr old that I would have it done before school lets out and Im trying to keep that promise. I'm just getting really tired of sanding!
Thanks, Gary