Sunday, December 07, 2008

2nd Test Video

Ok, Here's a short video of R2 moving with both feet.
It's not much But I don't have much room in my junk room to move around and the wires
are hanging all over the back of him right now.

I still need to work on the controlls as it's still alittle touchy on the remote.
I've got to lock the outter ankles in place because they want to jump as I aply
I'm running for now 1- 12v. 4.5amp battery for both feet.
I'll get the other batteries ready today.



The life of thomas said...

Nice work Calvin...any issues with the charge vs. sabertooth? How long have you tried the test run?


R2D2 Fett said...

Looks great! Nice and smooth!!

Looks like you spilled some paint..yikes!

Great work man!


Calvin Thomas said...

No I have'nt had a chance to run it very long, I'm sure the motors wouls kill the battery pretty quick. It just surprized me it feels as strong as it does.

It's going to take alittle practice getting use to the control.
Yeah it's paint. But this is my work room for now and it will be the last room in the house that will get rebuilt.
Right now we have our kitchen torn out and new cabinets and everything is in the works.
We'll go room by room and tear out and remodel the whole house.

The life of thomas said...

Yeah, its going to feel strong. Its kind of a strange feeling to know and realize that its actually "you" controlling artoo....but it's oh such a cool feeling..get used to it ;)


Calvin Thomas said...

I got a wireless controller and I'm trying to set it up now.
The joystick for forward is forward, But left and right is backwards.
Got to figure it out.

Calvin Thomas said...

I got it, It was the setting in the C6C controller. I'm just not to good at automatic things.