Saturday, December 06, 2008

1st Test

I did a little test to see if my wiring was going to be OK and in
the pic you can see I've got one foot motor connected to a small
12v. 4.5amp battery.
As soon as I gave R2 a little juice from the PS2 controller he jumped and turned
to the right. Which is what I was hoping would happen.

One thing I did notice, The C6C has a adjustable throttle and it needs to be turned down. And this is possible with this little board.
I have more wiring to do and still have work to do on 1 of the legs,
But maybe soon I'll be able to take him for a spin.
I have some large 24v. Scooters and I'm going to borrow the batteries from them,
So I can give R2 a fair amount of power for the test run.


The life of thomas said...

So far so good Calvin... I was wondering...that black cable from the C6C with the large connector on the end...what does it connect to?


The life of thomas said...

about your wiring question on the forum...nope no noticeable difference if the lengths aren't the same.


Calvin Thomas said...

The black wire is to the PS2 Gamepad, I still don't have the wireless one yet.
I have a gamepad picked out, It's made by DreamGear.
But I can't find it around town so I'm going to order one.
This little board is pretty cool from what I've tried so far.

Anonymous said...


I'm following you along on this setup.

I might give it a go on my R2 aswell.

My biggest concern is 6 channels enough?


R2D2 Fett said...

POST A VIDEO!!!!!!! Just be sure to weat a shirt in case we see you in the reflection!! ;)

Calvin Thomas said...

If your running a standard R2 6 channels is enough, But if your running all the bell and whistles like mine you will need other controls also.

You don't like my BIG BELLY?
Now, I have you. Don't under estimate the power of the BELLY!!!

I'll post a video soon :o)