Monday, December 08, 2008

One More Video

I put a set of 12v. 10amp batteries in a 24v. configuration and what a power difference. He was so strong I had to reset the C6C and the Sabertooth to get a smoother start. Setting the C6C can be alittle odd since all settings are set by pushing different buttons on the PS2 controller.
Hey, The table got run over once and I got run over 3 times. And believe me, R2 has quite a bit of strength and started pushing me around pretty good :o)

Now that the settings are correct, I've got to get the ankles locked and get a few things done. Hopefully by Sunday, I'll be able to get him to the street and do
some more testing.

Anyone useing the C6C, I suggest you read the manual or you'll get run over
like me and the table!!!


The life of thomas said...

Cool, I guess I'll be asking for a C6C order soon ;)


Anonymous said...

Your going to go to sleep one night leave the batteries in and R2 is going to wake you up going all Terminator on you.

All the while yelling at you, "I SAID FINISH ME"

R2D2 Fett said...

Man I am still waiting for my C6C. I just PRAY my R2 responds 1/2 as good as yours!!


Calvin Thomas said...

I'm not sure but I may place another order soon.
They're worth the money.

If this does'nt solve your problem then that Scorpion has to go. But I think it's going to work fine with it, I think it's just something between the Vex and the Scaorpion that's giving you the problems.

R2D2 Fett said...

I hope you are right!