Sunday, December 21, 2008

Rear Logic Complete

I finally got that ding-dang rear logic working.
The wiring process is what kept throwing me off.
So, If anyone needs to wire this thing through the 24v. converter
here's how it wires:

Run the 12v. neg./pos. from the 12v. Batt. to the Pic Flasher.
Run a 2 jumpers from the Flasher pos/neg to the 24v. input on
the converter neg/pos. This will supply the power for both items.
Run a 24v. pos. wire from the output of the converter to the rear logic.
The output 24v. neg. on the converter is not used.
And believe it or not it works.

Everyone was telling me how to wire Leon's rear logic, But it was not working
for me.
And after I burnt up the rectifier on the pic flasher, I tried my own setup.
I'm glad this is over, It was a pain :o)


The life of thomas said...
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The life of thomas said...

very cool Calvin, I'm using optic fibers on mine and just realized that its going to be a very tight fit when i try to install my periscope, yikes. I may have to invest in the same solution as yours.


Calvin Thomas said...

It's not bad, I just wish it was not 24v.
But it doesn't take up any room this way. You can get the board from Leon, You'll have to solder all the LEDS on the board and you'll need a bezel from Damien.

Calvin Thomas said...

Did someone just try to comment?

The life of thomas said...

It was me..sorry about that my comp hanged itself while i was writing


R2D2 Fett said...

Mine works off 12v..but I dont know how. Cam wired it for me.

Looks great man. You did what I could not!!

Calvin Thomas said...

He may have changed the resistors on the board.
That was found out after I had built mine and I can't desolder at all, So I had to stay with 24v.