Sunday, December 07, 2008

Added More Wiring

I added the Voltage regulator into my system for the C6C to obtain
power from my 12v. batteries. You can buy these at Walmart for $10.00
and it has a switch which allows you to select the votage you need.
I set mine to 7.5 volts. I have one of these in my dome to power the Vex
Micro and it works fine.
I also picked up a Pelican wireless Ps2 remote and it works Great.
So far range tested on the remote is 40 feet, More than enough.

Once all is wired, I plan to add two main switches to the system.
One for the 12v. and one for the 24v.
I will also add some relays to switch between charging and run time.
More to come :o)


Jim Quinlan said...

Your R2 is looking great Calvin. Glad to see it's coming alive and moving ! I need to get over to walmart and pick up a couple of those adjustable voltage regulators. They always come in handy.

Calvin Thomas said...

Thanks Jim,
I'm working pretty hard on R2 trying to be ready for MegaCon.
SeeYa There!!!